Thursday, February 15, 2007

So yesterday was Valentine's Day. Did anyone else expect a little more from the day than what they got? I thought it would be like Christmas, but little fat man coming down the platters full of food...just some candy (for the kids..not me) and stuffed animals (ok so I do like the stuffed animals). It did seem that I might have gotten a few extra snuggles which I liked, but I still think I deserved candy. A pretty thing like me should have a hundreds of valentines lining up for me. I bet the recent snow storms kept them away. That has to be it!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mmmmm Mmmmmmmm That's good snow!

We are getting lots of snow! Blizzard conditions even.....whiteouts and all! Everyone is home today. No school for the kids and dad is coming home cause it was too dangerous to finish the drive to work and of course mom is home cause the kids are home! Plenty of people around today to guarantee chicken treats! I haven't played out in it yet to have new pictures for you but I will! ( I did already eat some of the new snow before anyone turns it yellow of course)
My grandma and grandpa are supposed to get 15 inches of snow maybe. Now that is nothing to some of the dogs in New York I hear, but we'll take it! Happy Snow Day!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Yeah! They are calling for more snow tonite and tomorrow and we are getting very excited. I am hoping for lots and lots and that just maybe the kids will want me to go sledding with them this time. I have seen pics of dogs skateboarding and surfing so I figure why not sledding? I'll let you know how it goes if they will let me join.

My kids didn't have school today so they kept me company but you's not the same as when mom is home cause the darn kids didn't give me one single chicken treat! I should leave something tasty for them in their beds tonite. Hmmmmmm.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Good morning everydog! It's another lazy day around here today. Mom is still in her pj's and the kids are playing playstation so I have just been kinda laying around. My silly dad is doing something called ice clue why you would fish for ice but ok. Seems kinda boring and a little cold to just sit and fish for ice. Mom says she would rather watch paint dry which must be true because I saw her do that last weekend come to think of it. Hmmmm...humans are strange indeed! Since I dont' have anything exciting on my "to do" list today I think I will go take my 3rd nap of the day. Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm Back!

It's been so long since I was allowed to get on here and tell everyone how life has been lately.
We have gotten some more snow in the past week, but it has been really too cold for a delicate golden like myself to really enjoy it too much. Even my kids haven't wanted to be out in it much lately. I am pretty excited though cause they said more might be coming for this next week too and one can never truly have enough snow on the ground I have decided. Mom says she agrees!
I have been getting to go for more car rides lately cause I guess mom feels guilty about how much time I have been stuck inside with her lately. I wouldn't mind going outside for a brief walk in the cold but she wants no part of that apparently. She says I am not a snow dog like my friends Macie and Malechai are. But I hear even they have become kind of partial to the warm house too!
Well I hope everyone is having a nice winter and that all of you get a very nice Valentines Day treat! Just remember....NO CHOCOLATE...although yummy chicken treats sound heavenly!